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The Cat Club Podcast with Lou Poster of Drift Mouth – Episode 82

Bourbon in a glass / like a gun in my hand…
Drift Mouth – “Wake You Up”

We’re honored to welcome Lou Poster of Drift Mouth into the studio this week for an hour of deep talk, music, stories and more.

Combining elements of Rock, Country, Americana and the anger of Punk, the music of Drift Mouth appeals to a wide swath of music fans. Poster writes songs that are as real as the West-by-God-Virginia soil upon which he tread as a young boy.

He relates the genesis of the music that were a gift to his father, which would eventually lead to the formation of the band. You’ll hear stories from his West Virginia youth to his eye-opening arrival in Columbus twenty-three years ago. We talk about living in dog years, working at the arguably legendary venue simply known as Bernie’s, his time with Grafton, what makes Drift Mouth work so well and the uphill battle to gain traction aurally. The music is fantastic, as well, with four tracks from their recently released debut full-length album Little Patch Of Sky.

We have a feeling that Drift Mouth is on the verge of breaking out big-time.

It’s an intense, funny and “real” hour that lives up to our motto of calling the show podcasting without a net…

Music on this week’s episode:

  1. Starling
  2. Franklin County Nights
  3. Angelene
  4. Wake You Up

You can catch the band “live” on 12/6 and 12/7 online as they play at the Paste! studio in New York City and Martin Guitars in Nazareth, PA, respectively.

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The Cat Club Podcast with Lou Poster of Drift Mouth – Episode 82


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