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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast with Derek Christopher – Episode 92

The Cat Club Podcast airs each Monday on the Music in Motion Columbus radio network.

It’s another premiere episode, as this week we welcome Columbus-based musician and producer Derek Christopher into the studio. His wife, Dani Joy, also joins us along with a surprise appearance by previous guest DJ Ginsu.

DC is one-half of Wandering Stars, and is poised to release a new album, Skin Jobs, containing remixes of all local musicians and bands. You’ll hear two exclusive tracks from the album, along with other music from Wandering Stars and Billy Zenn.

The show teeters on the edge from the very beginning, all due to the global smorgasbord of Asiatic Kentucky Mules, German Weisse beer and Atsuki Bean Cakes. DC tells wonderful stories about the music, movies and his love of local musicians. He also lets everyone know he’s not a fan of bean cakes…

It’s a laughter-filled show that fully embraces our near-to-our hearts mantra of always podcasting without a net…

DJ Ginsu mixing Asiatic Kentucky Mules for this show…

Music on the show:

  1. Wandering Stars – Just Rats
  2. Billy Zenn & The Ringers – Don’t I Know You?
  3. Billy Zenn & The Ringers – Don’t I Know You? (Wandering Stars Remix)
  4. Matt Monta and The Haymakers – President’s Face (Wandering Stars Remix)

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Show host Rick, DJ Ginsu, Dani Joy and Derek Christopher

The Cat Club Podcast with Derek Christopher – Episode 92

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