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The Spouts Set to Release Debut EP “This Part of Town”

The Sprouts - This Part of Town

What can I say, I love new music!

This time I get a sneak peek at an up and coming band called The Spouts, who release their EP, This Part Of Town, March 15th, 2019. You definitely want to keep an eye out for this six-song masterpiece.

Living in Ohio, I’ve learned that a majority of the bands are pop punk or metal, and while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, I’ve been aching to find some uniqueness in this city. In 2015, The Sprouts ‘sprouted’ from a bedroom project involving drummer Neil Milligan and guitarist/vocalist Brandon Messner while they were attending OSU to pursue Art Degrees. Eventually, guitarist/vocalist Mitch Miller joined, and not long after their first debut as a band, bass/vocalist Justin Helmecamp did, as well.

Before I get into the vibes I felt from their EP, I just want to point out that as a seasoned artist that’s toured around, played shows for years and been in the music business for a while, I was incredibly impressed by this band’s set up. While they’ve been around since 2015, they still seem fresh. Despite that, they’re very well rounded and put together. Their press kit is set up ideally, they present themselves as pros, and they’re extremely talented and humble. It was very easy to talk to them. I would love to see more bands starting off with a smaller fanbase do this! Nowadays, it seems like smaller local bands sit back, relax, and expect to become famous overnight, without really putting any work into it.

The ‘small’ fanbase is nothing though. Listening to this EP made me wonder why more people aren’t knocking down their doors and checking them out. It’s a very unique sound, and in my personal opinion, I got some Muse, The Arctic Monkeys, and The Strokes vibes from it all. My favorite song of theirs was Sapien, which starts with an alluring guitar riff along with beautifully taunting vocals from Mitch Miller. It seems the vocals alternate throughout each song; however, each member holds a certainly remarkable oddity that enhances the music when they belt out their obscure yet interesting lyrics.

The Spouts

Altogether, the band is fun, their music is way above worth listening to, and the members are all blessed with talent and creativity. You’ll like them if you like Muse, The Arctic Monkeys, The Killers, Cake, Ron Gallo, Pixies, Carlos Santana, Interpol, Modest Mouse, and The Strokes.

I’ve got to say, if you’re still sleeping on these guys, WAKE UP! On March 15th they’ll be at The Tree Bar with Sweat Workers and Boy Jorts for their release show. Doors are at 7 p.m. and the music begins at 8 p.m.. I’m most certainly going to make an appearance.


  1. This Part of Town
  2. Valid
  3. Watch Your Vegetables
  4. Eat Cake
  5. Like A Man
  6. Sapien

The Spouts – Watch Your Vegetables (first single from EP)

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