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Damn The Witch Siren Take Unwavering Aim with New Single ‘Big Mouth’

We said goodbye to 2018 merely 66 days ago, at the same time wondering what 2019 would bring us. Many have done whatever they could to get themselves through the winter doldrums semi-intact, with music a vital necessity to keep one from chopping their way through a door with a fire-axe, ala Jack Torrance in The Shining.

Meanwhile, Bobbi Kitten and Z Wolf were attacking the new year full-force, waiting just 25 days into January before dropping the serenely melancholic Gothic Summer on an unsuspecting audience.

28 days later, they kept the summer theme going strong with the release of hook-laden track XXX Me. Kitten’s almost whispered vocals compliment the underlying sexuality of the song.

Rest assured, the duo are anything but predictable. Their latest endeavor proves that fact as surely as if they were throwing down a royal flush at the poker table.

The latest single from Damn the Witch Siren, Big Mouth, is a club banger that will get your pulse racing and blood flowing. It’s scheduled for release on March 29, just 35 days after XXX Me, and 87 days into our latest journey around the sun.

With March 8 being International Women’s Day, this new track will fill many with a feeling of deserved and righteous empowerment. For others, a distinct uncomfortable feeling will permeate their psyche due to their fear of powerful and confident women.

Feminism has been proven to be a focal point and a source of contention for the band from their genesis. Big Mouth is no exception. If anything, they turn the heat up and put men on notice that the Age of Women is already here.

Opening with the mocking, almost maniacal laughter of Kitten over-top of the menacing drone, it builds quickly to a crescendo before culminating with the sound of glass shattering and a male voice shouting “Shut up!” And that’s just in the first 22 seconds of the song!

With a phat ass drop, the beat comes on hard and heavy, letting you know immediately to pay close attention to the message. Kitten sets the tone with her first words, almost nonchalantly saying “I’m so over keeping secrets…” No longer will she stand for being vilified for opening her mouth, a scene that most, if not all women alive are familiar with.

She dares you to “call me a big mouth…” with a sneer and mellifluous vocals that reinforce the notion that you better prepare yourself, as the day of reckoning is upon you. How can one voice sound so confident and intelligently intense, while also be full of glowing bouyancy, as it verbally slices your preconceived ideas to shreds.

Kitten ‘s rapier-like lyrics take aim at all who have ever told her she had nothing to say, including the inclination that women aren’t as rock-n-roll as men. From Zenobia to Catherine the Great to Marilyn Monroe, the story has remained unchanged. Men are made uncomfortable by women, especially those that are in positions of power and are strong-willed.

Bobbi Kitten and Z Wolf, with the throbbing beats and blasts of Big Mouth, have harnessed the infinity stone of empowerment, announcing in no uncertain terms that the time of women is not still somewhat far off in a hazy and distant future. Big Mouth is cerebral and enveloping, washing over your senses with the certainty that change is inevitable, and must happen sooner rather than later.

No stranger to controversy, Damn The Witch Siren would rather you deal with the reality that injustices are still occurring at an all-too frequent pace than pretend that everything is copacetic in this world.

For example, following the release of their full-length album Red Magic in 2018, which featured Bobbi topless and covered in glitter on the album cover, the band received numerous snarky comments and finger-wags from the community, as well as being forced to cover Bobbi’s breast in order for the album to be accepted to streaming services. They decided to play ball by placing text over her forbidden flesh that reads “PARENTAL ADVISORY / FREE THE NIPPLE”.

They have dealt with online comments sexualizing Bobbi, sexist booking agents trying to muscle them out of time slots, members of established touring acts trying to slide into her DM’s, and audience members assuming that Z Wolf is the sole producer, musician and songwriter for the group, even though they just finished watching Bobbi sing and play keyboard, guitar, and drums. The list goes on.

Big Mouth arrives in a timely fashion, however, right at the end of the last decade of men, and the beginning of the Age of Women. This is by far one of their most substantial and robust songs they have ever penned. It should be required listening by all men.

Big Mouth will be released on March 29, 2019. But you can get a “sneak peek” listen on March 18 when Bobbi Kitten and Z Wolf appear on The Cat Club Podcast (the show can be heard on Music In Motion Columbus).

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