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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast with Bobaflex – Episode 99

The Cat Club Podcast airs each Monday on the Music in Motion Columbus radio network.

We turn the volume up to 11 this week as we welcome into the studio Jymmy Tolland, bass guitarist of legendary Columbus rockers Bobaflex.

Tolland relates how he made the decision to relocate from the state of Washington to Columbus, how he got the gig with Bobaflex, why the band prefers to showcase their vocal harmonies the way it was done in the past, and why staying slightly buzzed has actually helped them get through some tough times.

He talks about the challenge the band faced when they decided to cover Queen and making time from their busy touring schedule to make time to record new music for their next album.

It’s a fast-paced, crazy show that embraces our motto of why we call what we do podcasting without a net…

Music on this week’s show:

  1. I Am A Nightmare
  2. Chemical Valley
  3. Off With Your Head
  4. Bury Me With My Guns On

You can catch Bobaflex live on April 20 at the Muddy Creek Saloon in Heath, OH

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The Cat Club Podcast with Bobaflex – Episode 99

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