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Sonic Temple Musings

Credit: Sam Shapiro / DWP


It undoubtedly makes the world go ‘round. I’ve only experienced a few people that say they don’t like it, and I still don’t understand that. That’s comparable to hating kittens. This year I had the opportunity to experience Sonic Temple’s first year in business at Mapfre Stadium. I’d attended Rock On The Range prior to this, but the two definitely felt different.

Let me start by saying this; there were a lot of people complaining about stupid shit. The biggest complaint was being evacuated temporarily for the rain and lightning. Just to verify with all of you upset about this, a few years previously, a man was in fact struck by lightning in the stadium. The people running the festival aren’t trying to rip you off, as you suggested. They’re trying to protect you.

Now onto the good stuff.

I was there all three days, and in that time I got to interview some pretty amazing artists. So, let’s start with Day One…

Heavily influenced by bands such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Black Keys and Cage The Elephant, The Jacks took the stage during the festival to shed a well-deserved light on their material. Hailing from LA, the band brings out the best of the 90’s vibes and they were certainly fun to chat with. Here’s a bit of the Q&A I had with them.  

MIMC: Who do you think would look the best gender swapped?

Credit: Samantha Toale

The Jacks: Josh. Josh for sure.

MIMC: Do you have any plans to release new material?

The Jacks: The target date for the full EP release is June 28th. We worked with this guy name Matt Wallace, who’s worked with Maroon 5.

MIMC: What song is your guilty pleasure on tour?

The Jacks: There’s a lot, but we listened to Home by Chris Daughtry a lot. BOOM by P.O.D as well.

MIMC: Have you had any weird experiences on tour?

The Jacks: A lot. Thomas killed a deer when we were driving back (on accident). I was sad, that was kinda weird.

As stated, The Jacks will be releasing their self-titled debut EP on June 28, but you can check out their lyric video for their first single, Walk Away, right now…

You can find them on Facebook and Instagram.

As expected, this next band did not disappoint. RADATTACK is a younger group of energetic musicians whose vibe is heavily influenced by The Bee Gees, Sublime and INXS. The band did say that they plan on releasing new music sometime in June.

Here’s some of the Q&A from my sitdown with them.

MIMC: When do you plan to release new content?

Credit: Samantha Toale

RADATTACK: Next month and a half, and then after that over the summer we’re going to be releasing more singles.

MIMC: What are some of your influences?

RADATTACK: The Bee Gees, Sublime, INXS is a big one.

MIMC: What’s everyone’s favorite animal?  

RADATTACK: Bear, Manatee, West Australian Pelican, Ferret.

Be on the lookout for their new content, and don’t sleep on their shows! Their next show coming up is at the Bunbury Festival, June 1 on the River Stage. Find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

All together, Day One was a success. After finishing other interviews, I got to enjoy Badflower (who I’d previously talked with for an article about artists and mental illnesses) Halestorm, Ghost and System of a Down. SOAD vocalist Serj Tankian seemed a bit tired during their set, but as expected, managed to put on an amazing show (despite technical issues).

Credit for images in photo gallery: Sam Shapiro/DWP

Be on the lookout out for our Day Two/Day Three stories coming soon!

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