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Sonic Temple Musings – Part II

Credit: Samantha Toale / MIMC

I have to admit, I was worried I’d be exhausted by Day Two, but the staff treated media very well! It was amazing to have the opportunity to relax a little during my reviewing, while the artists were in and out of the media tent throughout the day. On day two, I scored more interviews than I’d initially planned to. I got to catch In This Moment, Fever 333 and the headliner, Disturbed. I also got to interview No1Cares, Evan Konrad, and Black Coffee.

Sitting down with No1Cares honestly felt like sitting down with a couple of friends. The group is a duo, who just released a brand new EP called ‘Mentally Unhealthy’, which followed their single I think I’m growing up. Be sure to check it out.

Credit: Samantha Toale / MIMC

MIMC: What’s their worst experience?

No1Cares: Technical difficulties. As boring as that sounds, it’s the worst, because you can’t play.

MIMC: What’s your best joke?

No1Cares: Mama tomato, papa tomato, baby tomato are walking down the street. Baby tomato is lagging along and mama goes…. ‘Ketchup’. That’s from Pulp fiction.

MIMC: What are your biggest influences?

No1Cares: We’re from LA, I’m very Hollywood. I’m very influenced by the whole entertainment industry. Andy Warhol, all that.

The group is based out of LA, and can be found on Facebook. Make sure you check them out!

No1Cares – I Think I’m Growing Up

Next I met up with Evan Konrad, who brought a unique sound to Sonic Temple. Evan’s music reminds me a lot of Shawn Mendes meets The Killers; plus, he’s incredibly talented. His most recent single is Come on Snake, Let’s Rattle, and I believe the video for the song is out as well!

Credit: Samantha Toale / MIMC

MIMC: What was it like shooting a video?

Evan Konrad: It was intense! I got there at 7:30 AM and it ended at 9 PM. It was a full day. The first shot of the video I’m in nothing because I’m supposed to be naked, but I was wearing a tiny little thong.

MIMC: Favorite place you’ve performed?

EV: We just played Brooklyn last night for the first time, I loved that.

Evan is a remarkably talented artist, and you can find his music on most popular music platforms, and also find him on Facebook.

Evan Konrad – Come On Snake, Let’s Rattle

Last, but not least whatsoever, is our very own Black Coffee. I was incredibly excited to sit down with this guys, having seen them raise hell in the Columbus music scene. A remarkable talent, I’m so proud of what these guys have accomplished. Their personalities are just as stellar. (I may just be talking them up because they gave me whiskey.)

Credit: Samantha Toale / MIMC

Managed by the well loved John Payne, Black Coffee is making great strides here in our stomping grounds, and I strongly encourage you all to check them out.

I’ve followed these guys for years, and they’ve never failed to impress. They’re gonna go far. If you like 80’s/90’s rock vibes, please do not sleep on this band.

They have their album, ‘Take One’ out now, along with their single I barely know her. All social tags are @officialblackcoffee

Black Coffee – I Barely Know Her


The last day always sucks, because you know it’s ending. No more tailgating in the parking lot, meeting new people or spending double price on an individual pizza because you haven’t eaten all day. I can say that my experience was 100 percent incredible, especially since I got to meet Josh from Badflower and Yungblud. He even commented positively my crushed velvet jacket. It felt like a place you could be without any bad blood, where everyone liked the same thing.

Credit: Steve Thrasher / DWP

The one thing I want to address before continuing on with the last couple groups I reviewed is the sexual harassment going on at the festival.

I saw a mother make a post about a man groping her 14-year-old child, and the girlfriend defending him by saying, “You shouldn’t have brought your kid to a rock festival.” I myself dealt with some douchebag going out of his way to put his hands all over my back instead of going around me, and laughing when I told him he didn’t need to touch me.

I’ve seen crowd surfers talking about men sticking their hands up their shorts or skirts while they’re just trying to have a good time, and this makes me furious. Next year, if any of you see this, put a stop to it. Don’t defend it. Don’t fucking do it. Everyone is there to have a good time, and if I see anyone doing it next year, I’m not asking questions first. Have some fucking respect, you pervert.

Now that that is out of the way…

I reviewed Dirty Honey, Craig Gas and Demob Happy this day.

Credit: Samantha Toale / MIMC

Dirty Honey hails from LA, and their latest release, ‘Dirty Honey’, which includes their single When I’m Gone, can be found anywhere you can listen to music. The group vibes well with alternative rock. Check them out and follow them on Facebook.

Dirty Honey – When I’m Gone

Craig Gass sat down with me next, and this guy is a comic genius. He’s known for ‘Pauly Shore is Dead’, ‘The Howard Stern Show’, ‘American Dad’ and even made an appearance on ‘The King of Queens.’ (He stressed that it was just one episode, however.)

Credit: Samantha Toale / MIMC

Sitting down with Craig was definitely a boost to my day, considering he did his Christopher Walken and Tracy Morgan voice impersonations for me, which were incredible. You definitely need to check out his standup routine. Go to his website to find his work!

Craig Gass – Unleashed

All in all, Sonic Temple was a great experience. If you didn’t go this year because you were skeptical, I highly recommend you attend next year and form your own opinion.

The only thing I really saw people complain about was the fact that, for our safety, we had to evacuate. Some people even whined about the lineup, but still bought their tickets.

So YOU ignore the edgelords and see for yourself!

Credit gallery images: Samantha Toale, Steve Thrasher, Jazmin Monet

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