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Hello Luna/The Cordial Sins at The Basement – 3/11/17

Hello Luna (Credit: Jacob Thompson/Music in Motion)

Pop quiz, hot shot…

What do you get when you combine three bands and 300 people at The Basement in Columbus?

The answer is an evening of good music and happy fans celebrating the release of Hello Luna‘s debut EP, “Ghost of You.”

Deadwood Floats opened the festivities (we’ll have more on this band in the future), getting the sold-out crowd primed for the bands still to come. The melancholic strains of chamber folk set the proper tone, showcasing some very nice harmonies. They were the aperitif that stimulated our aural appetite.

The Cordial Sins (Credit: Jacob Thompson/Music in Motion)

Up next, the appetizer was light and airy, filled with the dreamy pop sounds of The Cordial Sins. The band is comprised of Liz Fisher (vocals/keyboards), Corey Dickerson (guitar/vocals), John Allen (bass), Kyle Edwards (guitar) and Jeremy Miller (drums).

Opening with spacey guitar musings, AM had a dreamy vibe that built its pace. The interplay of Liz Fisher’s ethereal vocals with the band’s increasing tempo captured the audience’s attention.

The crowd showed their appreciation for You, which had an almost-Italian lounge feel to it. Next, they slowed things down with the sensual sound of Fringe. Liz Fisher and Corey Dickerson (guitar) harmonized beautifully, with Fisher singing in a slow and sexy vocal groove.

Liz Fisher (Credit: Jacob Thompson/Music in Motion)

They conjured images of cruising across the open waters surrounding Venice in a classic wooden speedboat with the 1960’s Italian pop-sounding Overboard. It was a standout of their set, with Fisher’s sultry vocal work projecting a bygone era sense of innocence.

Fisher’s emotions came pouring out during Go On, while Dickerson was almost flailing away on his guitar. It was obvious the band was caught in the moment and feeling the groove.

The dream pop sound they are known for was on full display throughout their 10-song set. Seeing The Cordial Sins “live” is something that must be experienced, as they expand their sound with added flourishes and altered styling.

The Cordial Sins – Overboard


The time had come for Hello Luna to take the stage, in celebration of the release of their debut EP, “Ghost of You.” The band is comprised of Kenzie Ryan (vocals/guitar), Diego Villasmil (bass) and Michael Neumaier (drums). They added Eric Morgan (guitar) for the release show.

With the crowd leaning forward, the opening notes of the bass-driven Underwater filled the space. Ryan’s soft vocal styling slowly built in intensity before crying out, filled with raw emotion. The audience roared with approval by the time the song ended.

Kenzie Ryan (Credit: Jacob Thompson/Music in Motion)

“One year ago today,” said Villasmil, “we played our first show.” The band launched into Stitching Holes, the song having a more emotional impact in the live setting than the recorded version portrays.

With a funky bass vibe and 1960’s-sounding pop guitar on the chorus, they debuted the new song Right Side. They followed this with Sound and Sorrow, which started with a slower tempo than on the EP. As the pace increased, the band was rocking-out with unbridled emotion.

Their second live debut of the evening was the song Fabrics of Your Skin, a slower, almost-melancholy tune that built to its emotional climax.

They covered Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So”, with Villasmil and Neumaier channeling a tribal beat with the bass and drums, respectively. The crowd was singing along with the band throughout the song, and thoroughly enjoying it.

Hello Luna (Credit: Jacob Thompson/Music in Motion)

The bass-driven Empathy was next, as Ryan channeled her inner Lucinda Williams. The song was a rocker that was full of energy, garnering a massively positive response from the crowd.

Ryan began the last song of the evening with the interplay of her voice and guitar creating a wonderful melody that had the crowd swaying to the music. When the rest of the band kicked-in, it was obvious to all in attendance that the band was giving it their “all” for the fans.

Hello Luna gave an excellent performance that left the crowd wanting more. Full of emotion and energy, they played with a verve that was refreshing and new. This band is going places, and you want to be able to say that you saw them before they became known nationally.

Hello Luna – Sound and Sorrow


Setlist – The Cordial Sins

Dangerous State
Go On
People, Places, Things
Under Fire


Setlist – Hello Luna

Tell Me
Stitching Holes
Right Side*
Sound and Sorrow
Fabrics of Your Skin*
Say It Ain’t So – (Weezer cover)
Half Asleep/Outro

*indicates “live” debut

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