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Counterfeit Madison Release Colorful New Video for “So Much To Give”

Counterfeit Madison - So Much To Give

Led by gay Nigerian-American rock pianist and soul singer Sharon Udoh, Counterfeit Madison, with bassist Adam Hardy and drummer Seth Daily, released their colorful new dance video for So Much To Give on August 23.

So Much To Give is about a complicated fling that I was involved in a few years ago with a boy much younger than me,” Sharon Udoh told NewNoiseMagazine. “We also both had girlfriends at the time that we were falling out of love with and he was using me as a way to get away from her. I enjoyed it and let it happen, but that was very much a mistake, despite it being fun for a summer.”

Counterfeit Madison

They’re currently working on their third full length album, which is a follow up to their 2017 release, Opposable Thumbs (Anyway Records).

You can catch them next in Columbus, Ohio on Friday, September 13, at 934 Gallery (934 Fest).

Counterfeit Madison – So Much To Give (Official Video)

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