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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast with Prime Directive – Episode 134

The Cat Club Podcast airs each Monday on the Music in Motion Columbus radio network.

We dance the good time dance this week as Prime Directive invades the studio…

Bryan, Big Nick and Johnny Dredd, three-fifths of the band, join us for a wild ride through Columbus venues that are no more, along with the history of the band. You’ll hear a bunch of their music, as well as a new track that they just recorded. Plus, there’s a surprise for the guys to close out the show.

Music on this week’s episode:

  1. I’m the One
  2. Prodigal Courier
  3. Buzzkill Lightyear
  4. I Don’t Want To Live On This Planet Anymore
  5. My Hideous Dead Girl
  6. Creature From The Moon (new track)
  7. Six Pack – Black Flag “live” soundboard recording from Marco Polo’s in Columbus, OH, July 28, 1984

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