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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE – Personal Public’s “Bite Your Tongue”

Personal Public's new single "Bite Your Tongue"


Today, we have the world premiere of the new single from Personal Public, Bite Your Tongue just for you.

We reviewed their debut full-length album “Revival” (Brick City Records) in February (read the review here), and thought it was one of the strongest debut albums we have heard in the last twenty years.

With Bite Your Tongue, the band is showing yet another facet of their depth. Although it would not have sonically meshed with the 10 tracks on their debut, the single shows that it can stand on its own. The band’s keyboardist, Anthony Herrmann tells us the song was written and recorded in merely two days.

Cody Contner (vocals/guitar), Alex Kessis (bass), Jordan Mcvey (drums), Ben Canton (guitar) and Anthony Herrmann (keyboards) have set a darker tone with the new single that is intertwined with a beat that would be home at any dance club.

Contner’s vocals mark a cadence that flows between soft reflection to an almost hip-hop beat. The ability of the band to transition the tempo from an airy lightness to a heavier darkness is what makes this track work.

“We’re gonna burn it down before this night is gone…”

Bite Your Tongue was produced by Personal Public and Marcus Meston.
It was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Marcus Meston at Ohio University,
in conjunction with Brick City Records.

Yes indeed, we really like Bite Your Tongue.

The band plays Express Live! tomorrow as part of CD 102.5 Day Side A


Personal Public – Bite Your Tongue

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