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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast and Sex Kitten Purr-lesque Present the Coronavirus Series – Ep 1

After a brief hiatus we’re back…

We thought the best way to celebrate being back on the air is to give you a full one-hour show of music. You’ll hear recently released songs from 15 different bands. With none of them able to play live shows, do them a solid and buy some of their merchandise (albums, CDs, t-shirts, etc.)

We’ve also partnered with The Sex Kitten Purr-lesque and their bi-weekly burlesque show, VIRAL EXPOSURE: Burlesque From Our Bedrooms To Yours, for the duration that their home venue (Bossy Grrl’s Pin Up Joint – our main sponsor) is closed. VIRAL EXPOSURE is every Monday and Friday night at 10 p.m. on The Sex Kitten Facebook page.

Music on this week’s show:

  1. Drew Martin – Quarantine
  2. X – Water & Wine
  3. Zonezero – Virus
  4. Davis Evanoff – Blind Sight
  5. Ghost Train – Jailhouse Woman
  6. Good Reverend – It Ain’t Easy (David Bowie cover)
  7. Soraia – Nothing Compares 2 U (Prince cover)
  8. Scorpio74 – I’ll Take The Legs
  9. The Devil Doves – Commit to the Bit
  10. Mudbrain – Afterglow
  11. Zoo Trippin’ – Aldo Raine
  12. Prime Directive – 2020
  13. Damn The Witch Siren – Paradise Live (NPR Tiny Desk 2020)
  14. Mahalath – The Proxy (Master ish Mix)
  15. The Dollyrots – Teenage Kicks (The Undertones cover)

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MP3 download of this show available HERE

The Cat Club Podcast and Sex Kitten Purr-lesque Present The Coronavirus Series – Ep 1

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