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Ohio Bands

Playlists in the Time of Coronavirus, Volume 3: Quinton Napier

Billy Strings: Meet Me At The Creek
Nashville, TN
Wait what? NEW sounding bluegrass in 2020? The artist isn’t an elderly Opry alum? Yup, there’s a new class of young artists reinventing one of america’s oldest genres. Among several other artists, Billy Strings stands out as an alpha wolf. A blend of traditional bluegrass technique, Jazz chords, borderline psychedelic moments and modern subject matter. Just add salt and you’ve got a recipe for something both fresh and familiar.

Snarls: Falling
Columbus, OH
This Columbus band isn’t exactly in hidden local gem territory anymore but let’s be honest their debut album “Burst” is something remarkable. In my humble, basement journalist opinion, Falling is the best “Burst” has to offer.

Shortwave: Taped Memories
Dayton, OH
A fine cocktail of Twentyone Pilots, Synthwave, Vaporwave, and Thorsten Quaeschning. If any of these things strike your fancy give it a listen. Good music to set a body scan meditation.

Spirit of The Bear: I Can’t Breathe
Youngstown, OH
Simply put the studio version does not give this song justice. I saw Spirit of The Bear live and it hits much heavier. Perhaps a live album could come some day?

The Godz: Guaranteed
Columbus, OH
Good ol’ fashioned Rock-n-Roll music about Rock-n-Roll music. After all, is there really anything better?

The Sinclair Express: They’re Calling
Chicago, IL
Not many folks release a 10 minute rock jam these days. They did. And it’s good. Check your Social media era attention span at the door.

The Esteems: Alone
Columbus, OH
A very new band coming from Columbus. There’s a fresh, hopeful texture to this song that I can’t get enough of. They have just a handful of singles out right now and if this is any marker of the direction they are developing we should be more than pumped. I fantasize a power bill of The Donkeys, New Madrid, and THE ESTEEMS.

Static Wonder: Soul
Cincinnati, OH
Although disbanded you can still hear drummer Walker Atkinson as the front man in his new band Mouth Movements. This particular song has helped me through many a tough times and it’s almost overly positive energy can do the same for you.

Pale Grey Lore: The Rift
Columbus, OH
To quote my colleague Jesse Jester (from his review of PGL’s “Eschatology”), “The sky is seemingly the limit for the talented foursome. And while Miller didn’t leave me any hints, I’m wondering if the band will follow this story up with a tale from the post-apocalyptic zone. Whatever they do, they can only continue to grow with experience.”

Eastwood: Catching Feelings
Columbus, OH
Do you miss “Songs About Jane” era Maroon 5? Me too, man. Do you think it would be cool if they made songs with Vulfpeck? And maybe threw in a little more jazz? Yeah, I thought so. Anybody who answered yes to one or more of these questions, see their eponymous debut album.

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