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Playlists In the Time of Coronavirus, Volume 1: Peter Vilardi

Ed. – We’re having our staff writers put together a 10-song playlist that has helped them deal with the global pandemic. This is the first installment…

These times are heavy. These songs are heavy.

Rebreather: Fall Ahead
Youngstown, Ohio
Swallows your mind like a molasses flood.

Unholy Two: Wash B Ripper
Columbus, Ohio
“Buzzsaw right to the brain, baby. Wooooo!”

The Cowboys: Silverback Sexdrive
Bloomington, Indiana
Bloomington’s finest. Mechanical bull not included.

The Cowboy: El Poño
Cleveland, Ohio
How the Midwest was won.

Columbus, Ohio
“We’re a heavier band than Earth Crisis.” They were right.

Cheater Slicks: Feel Free
Columbus, Ohio
Find a dictionary and look up “tinnitus.”

Golivath Birdevter: Roach King
Kent, Ohio

GODRAYS: Pure Doom
Columbus, Ohio
Your heart shatters on an endless loop.

Brian Wilson Motherfucker: Fukushima, “MN”
Columbus, Ohio
This town will peel the paint off you.

Torgo: Wall of Sound
Columbus, Ohio
I couldn’t believe it either.

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