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Straight Scared: A Columbus Tribute to New Bomb Turks

We thought it was time to release another compilation album comprised of some of the wonderful bands that call Columbus, Ohio (and the surrounding areas) home.

This time, though, we wanted to do something a bit different… a compilation with a twist, you might say.

So, we thought that we would honor, in our own way, some of the excellent bands that saw their genesis in Columbus. In fact, we’re thinking we just might might make this a series of compilations. And this is our first offering in that series…

Straight Scared: A Columbus Tribute to New Bomb Turks is a project that got its start pre-covid. We contacted legendary Columbus punk band New Bomb Turks and received their blessing to put this album together. A major point we wanted to incorporate was that the band choose a charity to donate to, with 100 percent of the proceeds made from the sale of the album being donated. The band chose local Columbus music venue Ace of Cups to be the recipient of the donation.

The album contains 12 local bands performing a hand-picked New Bomb Turks song. They graciously put together their NBT song amid the global pandemic and this is the end result.


  1. The Villaintinos – Pretty Lightning
  2. The McIans – The Night Before The Day The Earth Stood Still
  3. Wandering Stars – Id Slips In
  4. Bloodthirsty Virgins – Let’s Dress Up the Naked Truth
  5. Shorty Allen – Professional Againster
  6. Ruinr – My Hopes Are Copacetic
  7. Lizard McGee (of Earwig) – I Want My Baby… Dead?!
  8. The Goldsberrys – Aspirin Aspirations
  9. Hells Fire Sinners – Last Lost Fight
  10. Lustkill – Point A to Point Blank
  11. The Molars – Veronica Lake
  12. The Typical Johnsons – Wrest Your Hands

You can purchase the album via our Bandcamp page HERE.

We are truly grateful to New Bomb Turks for giving their blessing for this project, as well as the 12 local bands that make up the compilation album. Great thanks go out to Eric French for the final mastering of the album, and to Chad Kessler for the totally rad front and back cover images.

This album also marks the first release on our very own Cat Club Records label.

We had Matt Reber and Eric Davidson from New Bomb Turks on The Cat Club Podcast and you can check that out HERE.

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