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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast with The Lucid Furs – Episode 176

The Cat Club Podcast

We make another road trip, this time north to the Motor City…

The Lucid Furs, who self-describe their sound as “Detroit Freak Rock,” are a band doing their own thing on their own terms. Their sound is an updated mixture of early Alice Cooper Band and the emotive sass of Janis Joplin. You can easily imagine them opening for the MC5

Karen O’Connor (vocals) and Dan Regenauer (drums/vocals) joined us for a trip through some of our favorite songs from their latest album, No God? No Problem. You’ll hear about the history of the band, as well as the tightness of the Detroit music scene. You also hear the story of their guitar player, Gordie Kasza, doing the old “crash & burn” while on tour… but still playing the show! And yes, there’s video of his wreck… HERE.

They’re a band we think you’ll really enjoy, not to mention the fact that we think they should be bigger than they are…

Music on this week’s show:

  1. Vertical Drop In
  2. Take A Joke
  3. Smoke ‘Em If You’ve Got ‘Em
  4. Wait

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The Cat Club Podcast with The Lucid Furs – Episode 176

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