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The Cat Club Podcast with LILIEAE – Episode 182

The Cat Club Podcast

For the final show of 2020, we’re joined virtually in the studio by Cleveland’s LILIEAE.

Lydia Puccini, Kayleigh Hyland, Donald Pelc, Eric Kennedy and Joe Stefano from LILIEAE (pronounced Lil-ee-ay) close out a weird and ugly year with some wonderful music and stories to make you laugh. As you know, we ask the hard-hitting questions like which one of the guys looks like a Backstreet Boy and which one of Lydia or Kayleigh remind us of Marcia Brady…

It’s an hour of fun, music, stories and so much more…

LILIEAE with show host Rick

Music on this week’s episode:

  1. My Pretty Rainboots
  2. Pound
  3. Level
  4. Drained, Drowned

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The Cat Club Podcast with LILIEAE – Episode 182

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