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The Cat Club Podcast Presents Three Bands With… Dan Cochran – Episode 187

This week we bring you the second installment in our monthly series of The Cat Club Podcast presents Three Bands With… This series is designed to allow us the time to take a “deep dive” with our guests into the music that influenced them, or shaped them sonically in some way.

It’s time for Three Bands With… Dan Cochran.

Dan has played with such bands as The League Bowlers, Colin Gawel & The Lonely Bones, Big Back 40, Train Meets Truck and Feversmile. He also worked for a few years in the mid-1990s as the Assistant Tour Manager for “America’s Band”… The Beach Boys. He’s also the founder of Hilltop Lager, arguably one of our favorite locally brewed beers.

We have to admit that we have been trying to book Dan on the show for a few years, but our schedules never quite meshed. Until now…

We go in-depth with Dan about the music that was around him where he grew up, Mount Vernon, OH. You’ll also hear stories from his stint with The Beach Boys, including a John Stamos tale. He opines on bass players, focusing on Paul McCartney, Ronnie Lane, John Paul Jones, John “The Ox” Entwistle, and more. We could have talked music with Dan for a few hours, that’s for certain!

Dan Cochran and show host Rick Gethin

Music on this week’s episode as chosen by Dan Cochran:

  1. Paul McCartney and Wings – Goodnight Tonight
  2. The Tragically Hip – Don’t Wake Daddy (live)
  3. The Beach Boys – Wouldn’t It Be Nice
  4. The Beach Boys – Disney Girls (1957)

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Download an mp3 of this week’s episode HERE

The Cat Club Podcast presents Three Bands With… Dan Cochran
Episode 187

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