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The Cat Club Podcast Goes to Camp Punksylvania – Episode 199

This week, we welcome Laura Rose and Terry Smith to the show. Their company, Riot Squad Media, is the promoter of Camp Punksylvania, a three-day punk rock festival taking place September 9-12 this year.

Laura and Terry met at Camp Anarchy, the punk rock festival in 2019 at Legend Valley, just east of Columbus, OH. Their friendship bloomed from that point, as they went on to form their own media firm & collective specializing in PR, promotion & social media needs. This led to them forming their first major music festival for 2021.

You’ll hear what Riot Squad Media does for bands, as well as the details about Camp Punksylvania this fall. You’ll hear music from a few of the bands playing the festival, some of which are based in Pittsburgh, just three hours east of Columbus.

It’s a fun, fast-paced show with music, laughter and more…

Music on this week’s episode:

  1. Blanks 77 – Hey You (New Jersey)
  2. The Homisides – One Shot Down (Pittsburgh, PA)
  3. City Escape Artist – Puncture Wounds (Pittsburgh, PA)
  4. Working Class Stiffs – What’s Going On (Niagara Falls, NY)
  5. The Filthy Lowdown – Punk, Punch and Roll (Pittsburgh, PA)
  6. The Queers – We Love Our Fans (Atlanta, GA)
  7. Suzi Moon – Special Place in Hell (Washington, DC)

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The Cat Club Podcast Goes to Camp Punksylvania – Episode 199

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