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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast with Will Freed – Episode 207

This week, Will Freed of the Will Freed Band joins us for an episode full of music, stories, and so much more…

Will recounts the details of how his father, Dave Liles (guitar for David Allen Coe), bought him his first guitar at age five and how he met John Popper and convinced him to play on one of Will Freed’s albums. He tells us how he got Monte Montgomery (he wrote/played the theme song for Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing sitcom) and hear some great music, of course! Plus, we somehow tie quinoa, kale and Pizza Hut together…

All music on this week’s show by Will Freed Band:

  1. Girl
  2. When It Rains
  3. Same Thing (solo by Monte Montgomery)
  4. Brand New Daz

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The Cat Club Podcast with Will Freed – Episode 207

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