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The Cat Club Podcast on The Huge Euge Holiday Show with Annie Stoic of Jackknife Stiletto – Episode 225

Ed. ~ Our host needed a break after 225 episodes of the show in 4.5 years. Consequently, The Cat Club Podcast will be on hiatus for the next few weeks. But have no fear, we’ll be back in January 2022 with all new guests, music and more…

This week, we have a special 30-minute edition of the podcast made especially for The Huge Euge Holiday Show, an annual charity event produced and originating in Columbus, Ohio.

In August 2021, Huge Euge pitched us the idea of doing a special episode of the podcast for the event, to which we agreed without hesitation. Summer morphed into Fall, and then the temperature starting signaling Winter was on its way.

With merely three weeks until the event, we contacted Annie Stoic in New York City to be our guest on the show. She didn’t hesitate to say yes to helping a charity event. Annie is the vocalist/guitarist for NYC band Jackknife Stiletto, an all-female three-piece rock group with a punk sneer. She also runs lights and is the Assistant Tour Manager for the legendary Joan Jett and The Blackhearts.

We chat about the origins of her band and how the lineup solidified with the addition of Foxy Roxy on bass (with Mel Funk on drums). You’ll hear how she landed the gig working with Joan Jett, as well as being signed to Jett’s record label, Blackheart Records. Somehow, the conversation finds its way to the nasty restroom that was part of the atmosphere permeating the iconic CBGB’s venue in NYC.

We also play the band’s original Christmas song, Dear Santa (a reworked version of their Dear Jane track). It’s full of sarcasm and double entendre, making it quintessentially a wonderful New York Christmas song…

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Download an mp3 of the show HERE or watch the video of the episode below.

The Cat Club Podcast on The Huge Euge Holiday Show with Annie Stoic of Jackknife Stiletto – Episode 225

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