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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast and Zoo Trippin’ – Episode 234

The dudes from Zoo Trippin’ stop by with music from their latest album for this week’s show.

Tony Casa and Lynn Roose relate how the band dealt with the lockdown/quarantine due to the Covid pandemic in 2020. It was great to hear some of the backstories on the recording of their latest album, Who Are We Now? They give Jakob Mooney credit for helping the band with the recording of the new album. (Mooney is the owner/founder Mooney Recordings where they recorded the album)

The guys talk about how their sound is evolving as they grow older, with real-life experiences permeating the songs on the album and giving it an introspective vibe. All this along with catchy hooks, earworms and more, including Tony admitting he doesn’t know how to to tie a necktie. Yes, there was laughter…

Lynn Roose, Tony Casa and podcast host Rick Gethin

Music on this week’s episode:

  1. On The Run
  2. Couch Song
  3. Any Way I Can Get It
  4. The Greatest Divide

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The Cat Club Podcast and Zoo Trippin’ – Episode 234

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