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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast Gets The AX – Episode 240

This week, we get the AX… AX Stinnett, that is! His alter ego might be better known as AX Makes Beats / AX Makes Graphics.

We talk about his upcoming album (due in early 2023) with an exclusive clip from the song Cameras. We also talk about the guys in Zoo Trippin’ and delve into his graphic design business. We chat about his desire to make a difference with giving to charity… something we describe as AX Makes A Difference.

He chose all the music for this week’s show, with a very diverse lineup of five different bands.

AX on the left and Rick just ain’t all that right…

Music on this week’s episode:

  1. A Tiger Made Of Lightning – Little Birds
  2. Faye – As I Am
  3. Happy Tooth – Unknown
  4. Lui – Silence
  5. Nothin’ – Can’t Wait

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Download an mp3 of this episode HERE

The Cat Club Podcast Gets The AX – Episode 240

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