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The Cat Club Podcast Dives Into the State of Rock with Lost Radicals’ Founder Dave Barber – Episode 243

This week we’re joined by Dave Barber, Founder and Creative Director of Lost Radicals (an online T-shirt brand based in Columbus, OH). During the show we discuss what the “State of Rock” refers to, the meaning behind the brand, the music and an exclusive discount code available during the podcast.

Dave gives the history behind his company and touches on just a few of the 99 artists and bands that comprise the first edition of his “State of Rock” apparel line. We dive into four bands that are on the current design, bouncing around the Buckeye State as we go.

Dave Barber of Lost Radicals

** Dave has generously allowed us to give you (our listeners) a heavy discount of 20-percent off any of the apparel found on the Lost Radicals website! The discount code will be announced at some point during the podcast. Write it down and apply it to your first purchase. We only say it once, so listen closely! **

Music in this week’s episode:

  1. Guided by Voices – I Am A Scientist
  2. Tim Easton & The Freelan Barons – Maid Of The Mist
  3. Lydia Loveless – Same To You (live in Chicago)
  4. Bobby Womack – Across 110th Street

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The Cat Club Podcast Dives Into the State of Rock with Dave Barber – Episode 243

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