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The Cat Club Podcast Has Big Holiday Spirit with Huge Euge – Episode 248

This week we get our jolly on, and you can, too… with our special guest Huge Euge!

His 10th annual Huge Euge Holiday Show Grand Finale kicks off this Friday, December 9th with a recreation of the Nickelodeon game show Nick Arcade featuring the original host Phil Moore. The holiday show continues Saturday, December 10th featuring music from Brave the Sea, Drew West, The Scratches, Kim Beyer, A Tiger Made of Lightning, 2d6, Cotter, Abandoned at Sea, AJB, Gas Station Boner Pills (from Atlanta) and live magic by Erik Tait. The December 9th portion of the event is sold out, but tickets for December 10th are available HERE.

The entire event is a benefit for the TWO Mens and THREE Womens Respite Center.

He gives us the details about the charity the event benefits, as well as giving you some tips and hints to be a winner of the game show portion on Friday. Of course we have music, with all selections chosen by Huge Euge!

Music on this week’s episode:

  1. 2d6 – Cumming Horse Blood On My Birthday
  2. The Scratches – FOMO
  3. Kim Beyer – Waiting Room
  4. We Are The Movies – Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying

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The Cat Club Podcast Has Big Holiday Spirit with Huge Euge – Episode 248

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