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The Cat Club Podcast Gets a Yard Sign – Episode 259

This week, we bring you the folk punk sound of Columbus’ Yard Sign.

Scott Marks began the online project in 2016, with his one-man band (including kazoo) version beginning in 2021. His new EP, The Midwest Midlife Meltdown, is set to be released on March 3rd.

He relates the genesis of the band, how the one-man band version got its start, as well as the role the kazoo plays in his shows. His performances are energetic and he welcomes audience participation. He had us hooked with his storytelling swagger from the first time we experienced his live show.

Scott Marks IS Yard Sign

Music on this week’s episode:

  1. Help You Out
  2. Another Midwest Meltdown
  3. Somehow Palpatine Returned
  4. Arguing With People On The Internet (And In Real Life, Too)
  5. The Pandemic Is Over (But I’ve Got Nowhere To Go)
  6. Champagne Problems (Taylor Swift cover)

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The Cat Club Podcast Gets a Yard Sign – Episode 259

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