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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Goes Hunting With Rabbit Dog – Episode 264

This week, we bring you a band full of rowdiness that’s flavored with equal parts Hank Sr., Waylon, Danzig and so much more that was tossed in a blender while someone mashed the puree button. It all makes sense, because in the band’s own words, Rabbit Dog for the people!

With members from Hells Fire Sinners, Gudger and Weed Demon, their sound is unlike anything else, as they truly stand out from the crowd. Alan (HFS), Aaron (Gudger), Lee and Andy (Weed Demon) joined us to talk shop, tell a few jokes and crank the volume on some excellent music from their first album, Rabbit Dog: Volume One.

There’s even a comparison to one of Ween‘s greatest albums…

Rabbit Dog and The Cat Club go hunting…

Music on this week’s episode:

  1. Outta Ohio
  2. Didn’t Mean To Hurt You
  3. Plumb Crazy!
  4. The Blood Red Wine

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The Cat Club Goes Hunting With Rabbit Dog – Episode 264

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