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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast and Bertha Hill Music – Episode 269

This week, Jason Smith from Bertha Hill Music stops by the studio…

Jason and Rick talk about the seven artists/bands that he has on his roster, which includes funk bass spaceman Bootsy Collins, Blucone, Cherimondis, D.U.E.C.E., Malcolm Westmoor, OG Vern and Trek Manifest.

Jason updates us on the advocacy and events Bertha Hill Music and the artists/bands are involved with, the return of Cap City Krush 2 on June 24th at Cafe Bourbon Street, and recruiting Bootsy Collins to be the face of a non-political voting campaign.

It’s a crazy, fast-paced show, as it always is when Jason joins us. Plus, he definitely bailed us out this week…

Jason Smith of Bertha Hill Music

Music on this week’s episode:

  1. Bootsy Collins ft. Baby Triggy & Fantaazma – Funk Not Fight
  2. OG Vern – Root Of Evil
  3. Trek Manifest – God Help Me
  4. Blucone – Reconvene ft. Ebri Yahloe

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The Cat Club Podcast and Bertha Hill Music – Episode 269

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