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The Cat Club Podcast Goes Outlaw with Dallas Moore – Episode 272

This week, the show gets a little frisky as Dallas Moore stops by with music from his latest album, No God In Juarez, released on Sol Records in June 2023.

He is a multi-award-winning singer-songwriter and entertainer who has earned a reputation as “The Hardest Working Man in Honky Tonk” and a “Modern Day Hardcore Troubadour,” earned with his raucous live show and playing upwards of 300 dates per year. His career has spanned over 25 years and 17 albums, entertaining fans with his blend of Outlaw Country, Southern Rock and a dash of Americana.

With the many stories he’s collected over his lifetime, there was much to talk about during the show. His latest album, No God In Juarez, is a fantastic journey through the realness that is life on the road in America, encompassing rowdy foot stompers, to melancholy tinged soliloquies of a life lived not in the mainstream.

With tales of growing up in southern Ohio, meeting Honky Tonk legend Billie Gant, to the musical path that he found himself on, Dallas Moore’s storytelling is on full display. It’s a fascinating hour of stories, laughter, music and so much more…

Dallas Moore and show host Rick Gethin (L-R)

All music in this week’s episode from No God In Juarez:

  1. Halo Too Tight
  2. A House Of Cards
  3. Hillbillie Blues
  4. No God In Juarez

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The Cat Club Podcast Goes Outlaw with Dallas Moore – Episode 272

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