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The Cat Club Podcast Welcomes 616 UNDONE – Episode 273

This week, the guys from 616 UNDONE join me ahead of their reunion concert next month…

Steve, Alan, Bill and Aaron have a reunion concert on September 16th at the Summit Music Hall to celebrate the 25th anniversary of their debut album Love Lies Bleeding. But we have them first, talking about the formation of the band in 1996, their debut album, getting back together for the first time in years, and so much more!

Get your tickets to 616 UNDONE for their reunion concert at the Summit Music Hall….. HERE.

Music on this week’s episode from the album Love Lies Bleeding:

  1. John’s Problem
  2. Sore
  3. Fetish
  4. Illuminate

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The Cat Club Podcast Welcomes 616 UNDONE – Episode 273

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