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The Cat Club Podcast, The Darts, And The Never-ending Snake Oil Tour – Episode 278

As the weeks creep closer to the spooky season of Halloween, we thought there was no better way to get ready for it than to have the garage-punk-rock grrls from The Darts stop by the show for some sinister shenanigans…

Nicole Laurenne (vocals/Farfisa & Hammond organs) and Christina Nunez (bass/vocals) joined the podcast just a few days before flying back over to Europe to continue the never-ending Snake Oil Tour 2023, supporting their album Snake Oil (released in March 2023). By the time they arrive in Paris, France for the final European show on September 24, they will have played in 13 countries since April. That does not include the short tour they’re taking on the west coast of America in November/December.

They talk about working with Jello Biafra (owner of Alternative Tentacles Records) and producer Bob Hoag to make Snake Oil, the awesomeness of the Farfisa organ, what makes up their first aid kit on tour, and how often it gets used by their guitar player… yes, the laughter was rolling! As always, there are stories from the road, and loud music to satiate your appetite.

Nicole Laurenne, Christina Nunez and host Rick Gethin (L-R)

All music on this episode from the Alternative Tentacles release Snake Oil:

  1. Spy Girl
  2. Pink Slip
  3. Under The Gun
  4. Intersex (Live at KEXP, July 2022)

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The Cat Club Podcast, The Darts, And The Never-ending Snake Oil Tour – Episode 278

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