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The Cat Club Podcast Gets Weird with Smug Brothers – Episode 281

This week, Kyle Melton and Don Thrasher of Smug Brothers drop in with music from their latest album, In The Book Of Bad Ideas, released on Anyway Records on September 8th.

It’s always a fun time when Melton (vocals/guitar) and Thrasher (drums) bring their unique sonic perspective to the conversation, talking about making the album, and how Kyle Sowash (bass) went from being a fan of the band to becoming an integral cog in the well-oiled Smug Brothers machine. They have a new lead guitarist, Ryan Shaffer, ready to join the band as 2023 barrels towards the wintertime.

A pleasant surprise for the guys was how, when Sowash joined the band, they discovered that he’s full of aural hooks like so much ear candy that seamlessly meshes with the music. Their latest album has hints of Urge Overkill, The Cars and Badfinger wafting through it, while blessing the listener with that pure Smug Brothers vibe we are accustomed to hearing. And yes, it got a bit weird…

Your next chance to join in the fun rolls around on November 11th, when the guys play the venerable Rumba Café.
*full disclosure* this podcast loves going to the Rumba for shows.

Kyle Melton, Don Thrasher and host Rick Gethin (L-R)

All music in this episode from Smug Brothers latest album available on Anyway Records, In The Book of Bad Ideas

  1. Stiff Arm At The Still Water
  2. Helium Drag
  3. What Starts Out As Fun
  4. Enceladus Lexicon

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The Cat Club Podcast Gets Weird with Smug Brothers – Episode 281

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