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Bill & Rick & Fake Movie Bands – Episode 42

Ed. – This episode was originally scheduled to publish on October 12th. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we’re publishing it one week later. We apologize for any inconvenience.

After a rather long hiatus, Bill & Rick’s Excellent Podcast is back with an all-new episode for your listening pleasure. This week, the guys dive into some of their favorite fake movie bands. They also tackle a list of honorable mentions of bands that didn’t quite make the cut.

You’ll hear them wax nostalgic about five bands and the movies they appear in. There is a rockumentary, a film based (loosely) on heavy metal icons Judas Priest, comedies, dramas and so much more!

Bill & Rick & fake movie bands…

Music in this week’s episode:

  1. Spın̈al Tap – Tonight I’m Gonna Rock You Tonight
  2. Stillwater – Fever Dog
  3. Hedwig and The Angry Inch – Angry Inch
  4. Steel Dragon – Stand Up And Shout!
  5. The Lone Rangers – Degenerated

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Bill & Rick & Favorite Fake Movie Bands – Episode 42

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