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The Cat Club Podcast Celebrates The “25 Artist of Kibbmas” – Episode 85

Once again, it’s that time of the year when we invite Josh Kibbey of Kibbey Context into our studio to share with all of you his list of music that stood above the crowded aural landscape.

This year’s list comprises the 2018 edition of the 25 Artist of Kibbmas and touches on many genres from within the musical community that vie for a spot on this annual countdown. 2018 marked the fifth year of the 25 Artist of Kibbmas list, and is the second consecutive year that Josh Kibbey has brought the list to us, to be premiered exclusively on our show.

With 25 bands vying for the top spot, the decision on where they each would finally place on the list was a hard one, according to Kibbey. And again, with so much music to play, we had to double the length of the show to bring you the list in its entirety.

Yes, my friends, that means you get a jam-packed two hour show filled with a ton of aural pleasures and very little talk. We hope you enjoy the twists and turns as we countdown the list to reach the coveted number one spot.

You never know what will happen, which is why we always call what we do podcasting without a net…

Music on the show:

  1. Faye Marie – Plastic Flowers
  2. Folquinox – Simplify
  3. Katie Davis – We Are Strong
  4. Kilyo – Problem Like Maria
  5. Happy Family – The Sound of Magents
  6. Best Foot Back – High School Years
  7. Chelsea Ravenn – To All The The Lucases of The World
  8. EPCYA – Superman
  9. Life & The Universe – Once It’s Done
  10. Sussman Can’t Sleep – Horse-Drawn Specter
  11. Slumlord Radio – Holy Smokes
  12. Lackluster – Liars
  13. Conversion Delay – Under The Radar
  14. Make Them Believe – April
  15. Without Waves – Never Know Quite Why
  16. Unlawful – Voodoo Queen
  17. Matt Monta and The Haymakers – Deflecting Blame
  18. Maggie May – Take Time
  19. Thrown-Out Bones – Feel It In Your Bite
  20. Local Tourists – Tango Loco
  21. Zoo Trippin’ – Ahh Sh!T
  22. Troy Petty – I Am The Dark
  23. Linden Hollow – Second Arrow
  24. Von Kaiser – Wolfhart (unreleased track)
  25. We Are The Movies – Leaving Me Incomplete
  26. BONUS – We Are The Movies – I Guess It Comes Down to a Simple Choice / Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

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Show host Rick and Josh Kibbey getting in the spirit of the Kibbmas season…


The Cat Club Podcast Celebrates The 2018 “25 Artist of Kibbmas” – Episode 85


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