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The Cat Club Podcast

The Cat Club Podcast with Josh Kibbey and the 25 Artists of Kibbmas – Hall of Fame Edition

A new episode of The Cat Club Podcast airs every Monday.

We’re celebrating Christmas, as we do every year, with Josh Kibbey of Kibbey Context.

While we usually do his “25 Artists of Kibbmas” show, this year he wanted to celebrate the Top 25 bands of the “25 Artists of Kibbmas” over the last five years. This year’s show pays homage to the bands that have made an appearance on the annual Kibbmas list. This is why we’re calling it the 25 Artists of Kibbmas: Hall of Fame Edition.

As an added bonus for your holiday, we added one more band at the tail end of the show! It’s just over two hours of music, too!

Check out the “25 Artists of Kibbmas” 2017 and 2018 shows

Music on this week’s episode (in alphabetical order):

  1. Admiral Contempt – Fortune Teller
  2. Alone At 3am – I’m Dyin
  3. Angela Perly and The Howling Moons – Bad Reputation
  4. Chelsea Ravenn – Just Drive
  5. Chuck Oney – Dear Miss Roberts
  6. Curse Of Cassandra – Dragon On A Leash
  7. Dead Set Ready – Dance
  8. Electro Cult Circus – Seethings
  9. Flounder Warehouse – The News
  10. Ghost Shirt – Daniel
  11. Katie Davis – Walk With You Baby
  12. Low Men – Smashin Homies
  13. Lydia Brownfield – This Fascination
  14. Matt Monta & The Haymakers – Nadine
  15. Slumlord Radio – Bullwhip
  16. So Long Stargazer – Ready/Up
  17. The Ghost Town Railroad – Shipwreck
  18. Those Crosstown Rivals – ugly side
  19. Thrown Out Bones – Feel It In Your Bite
  20. Time King – Take Cover
  21. Trachete – Secrets
  22. Two Years Later – Stay With Me
  23. Unlawful – Let’s Go
  24. Von Kaiser – Dead By Dawn
  25. We Are The Movies – Fault Lines

Bonus song * Low Men – Skate & Die

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Download: The Cat Club Podcast & the 25 Artists of Kibbmas: Hall of Fame Edition – Episode 136

We wish everyone a safe and joyous holiday season!

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