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Bill & Rick's Excellent Podcast

Bill & Rick’s Excellent Podcast Is Late To The Party – Episode 19

Have you ever felt like you “discovered” a band or artist after everyone else did and felt the fear of missing out? Friends, you are not alone.

Everyone has felt like they were late to the party at some point, including Bill and Rick. In this episode, they address the F.O.M.O. feeling and let you know that it’s okay. It doesn’t matter when you discover the music. It just matters that you do discover it.

They talk about bands that were short-lived, as well as some that are still going strong decades after their genesis. Rick also thanks his father for having an album collection that opened his eyes to all kinds of music. The discussion touches on how they discovered the bands on this show, what those bands mean to them, and so much more.

Ed: Rick apologizes for calling Mission of Burma… Mission to Burma during the show. Yes, the adult beverages were cold and delicious… maybe too delicious! Anyway, we hope you enjoy this episode.

Where’s the party?

Music on this week’s episode:

  1. Mission of Burma – Academy Fight Song
  2. Red City Radio – Two Notes Shy Of An Octave
  3. Ten Years After – Love Like A Man
  4. The Hold Steady – Sequestered In Memphis

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Bill & Rick’s Excellent Podcast Is Late To The Party – Episode 19

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