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Bill & Rick Dive Deep With Iconic Debut Albums – Episode 20

Everyone has a short list of albums that are awesome, start to finish, with not a bad song to be found anywhere on the tracklist. In short, these albums are iconic in every way, shape and form.

Bill and Rick discuss what makes a debut album iconic, as well as diving into some of the backstory for each of the four albums that make up this week’s episode. You’ll hear select tracks from these debut albums: Van Halen (self-titled), H2O (self-titled), Big Star (#1 Record), and Weezer (self-titled, also known as the Blue Album).

Some of the bands you may know, while others you may not. And that’s the beauty of music… there’s room for everyone at the table!

Whatever you do… play the music LOUD!

Also, be sure to check out Toby Morse’s (vocalist for H2O) podcast, One Life One Chance.

Music on this week’s episode:

  1. Van Halen – Atomic Punk
  2. H2O – 5 Yr. Plan
  3. Big Star – Thirteen
  4. Weezer – My Name Is Jonas

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Bill & Rick Dive Deep With Iconic Debut Albums – Episode 20

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