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Post-Hardcore Sparks Fly in Episode 26

There are no post-wedding blues this week, as the guys debate what is, and what isn’t, Post-Hardcore.

The sparks fly and laughter ensues as the subjective nature of music is once again at the forefront of the discussion. The songs are varied, the talk is hard and the show teeters on falling out of control. In other words, it’s just another week of awesomeness for Bill & Rick.

Music on this week’s episode:

  1. Quicksand – Missile Command
  2. The Jesus Lizard – Mouth Breather
  3. Fugazi – Margin Walker
  4. Girls Against Boys – Bulletproof Cupid

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Post-Hardcore Sparks Fly in Episode 26

*Joe Walsh Announces livestream for 2022 VetsAid Concert in Columbus, Nov. 13.

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