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Six Questions with Damn The Witch Siren

Damn The Witch Siren (Photo Credit: Kate Sweeney)

What do you get when you put Bobbi Kitten and Z Wolf in a cauldron, mix-in a cacophony of dance beats and sprinkle the concoction with a dash of deliciousness?

The end result is a brew called “Witch Rock”, and that is just part of what makes Damn The Witch Siren so irresistibly fun.

We wanted to check-in with the band and find out what they have brewing this year, as they prepare to release a new single in May, 2017.

And so, Damn The Witch Siren receives the “Six Questions With…” treatment.


MiM – What are you currently cooking up in the cauldron?

Damn The Witch Siren – “Oh, you know. Eye of newt, the bones of children. That kind of thing. Can’t say how it will taste when it’s done, but we’ve been feeling very fiery.”

Damn The Witch Siren

Photo Credit: Damn The Witch Siren


MiM – I hear a blend of Dale Bozzio/Goldfrapp in Bobbi’s voice and a distinct Goldfrapp/Lords of Acid vibe in the music. Is that a fair assessment?

DTWS – “We are huge Goldfrapp fans, but I don’t think either of us have had much experience of Bozzio or Lords of Acid. I had friends who were Lords of Acid fans growing up though.

“But that’s the amazing thing about music, isn’t it? It’s a language. Even if we were never personally influenced by them I’m sure many artists we love were; and if you love those artists you might hear those sounds in us. Music has such a rich history now and it’s all become so cross-pollinated. I think it’s an exciting time to be alive and creating things.”


MiM – Define “Witch Rock”…

DTWS – “Witches are beautiful, powerful, mystical beings. Rock is a heavy style of music with lots of pointy edges.”


MiM – Last month marked DTWS’s three-year anniversary. Are you pleased with where you are currently and what are your plans to get “witch rock” out to a wider audience nationally?

DTWS – “Pleased, yes… but never satisfied. We have many plans, but they’re all very organic. I don’t believe you can really plan for success, you just have to do the best you can, be kind to people and seize opportunities when you see them.”

Photo Credit: Damn The Witch Siren

Photo Credit: Damn The Witch Siren


MiM – What are Damn The Witch Siren’s influences?

DTWS – “We listen to way too much stuff to list. The world is a banquet and we’re here to feast. Sometimes I panic because there’s too much good music in the world and I’ll never get to hear it all.

“Lately we’ve listening to a lot of Run the Jewels, Nao, Erik Satie, FKA Twigs, James Brown, Ice Cube, and Tears for Fears.”


MiM – What are DTWS’s immediate plans for 2017?

DTWS – “Fettuccine and then sex. After that… it’s top secret.”


“Sweeter than the sweetest fruit, Hanging from the sweetest tree…”

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